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Cara Mengobati Penyempitan Tulang Belakang

Posted by: kayamba7 on 04/12/2016 01:14 AM

Topic: Example Topic 6


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Added by wlpwlp
December 15, 2016

The public dinner to our distinguished fellow-colonist andtownsman, WILKINS MICAWBER, ESQUIRE, Port Middlebay DistrictMagistrate, came off yesterday in the large room of the Hotel,which was crowded to suffocation. It is estimated that not fewerthan forty-seven persons must have been accommodated with dinner atone time, exclusive of the company in the passage and on thestairs. The beauty, fashion, and exclusiveness of Port Middlebay,flocked to do honour to one so deservedly esteemed, so highlytalented, and so widely popular. Doctor Mell (of ColonialSalem-House Grammar School, Port Middlebay) presided, and on hisright sat the distinguished guest. After the removal of the cloth,and the singing of Non Nobis (beautifully executed, and in which wewere at no loss to distinguish the bell-like notes of that giftedamateur, WILKINS MICAWBER, ESQUIRE, JUNIOR), the usual loyal andpatriotic toasts were severally given and rapturously received.Doctor Mell, in a speech replete with feeling, then proposed "Ourdistinguished Guest, the ornament of our town. May he never leaveus but to better himself, and may his success among us be such asto render his bettering himself impossible!" The cheering withwhich the toast was received defies description. Again and againit rose and fell, like the waves of ocean. At length all washushed, and WILKINS MICAWBER, ESQUIRE, presented himself to returnthanks. Far be it from us, in the present comparatively imperfectstate of the resources of our establishment, to endeavour to followour distinguished townsman through the smoothly-flowing periods ofhis polished and highly-ornate address! Suffice it to observe, thatit was a masterpiece of eloquence; and that those passages in whichhe more particularly traced his own successful career to itssource, and warned the younger portion of his auditory from theshoals of ever incurring pecuniary liabilities which they wereunable to liquidate, brought a tear into the manliest eye present.The remaining toasts were DOCTOR MELL; Mrs. MICAWBER (whogracefully bowed her acknowledgements from the side-door, where agalaxy of beauty was elevated on chairs, at once to witness andadorn the gratifying scene), Mrs. RIDGER BEGS (late Miss Micawber);Mrs. MELL; WILKINS MICAWBER, ESQUIRE, JUNIOR (who convulsed theassembly by humorously remarking that he found himself unable toreturn thanks in a speech, but would do so, with their permission,in a song); Mrs. MICAWBER'S FAMILY (well known, it is needless toremark, in the mother-country), &c. &c. &c. At the conclusion ofthe proceedings the tables were cleared as if by art-magic fordancing. Among the votaries of TERPSICHORE, who disportedthemselves until Sol gave warning for departure, Wilkins Micawber,Esquire, Junior, and the lovely and accomplished Miss Helena,fourth daughter of Doctor Mell, were particularly remarkable.'
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