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Canadian Fake and Real Passport for Sale @

Posted by: Fastdocuments on 01/24/2018 06:30 AM

When buying a second passport (2nd passport) never agree to get a name change and a second passport all in one shot unless it involves court appearances for the name change. If not this probably involves a corrupt government official and will surely be trouble. If you do a name change in court in some jurisdiction make sure it is not public record or it is greatly diminished in value. Never carry two different passports with your picture in both that have different names unless you enjoy being detained at airports, border crossings etc. A lot of scams involve a story that goes like this; OK Mr. Gringo you want the passport to be able to travel and open bank accounts and not as a citizen of the USA, EU, Canada etc. OK well it is best to do so using a name that sounds like someone's name in our country, here let me suggest this name: Enrique Haeverra. Hey that sounds great you say. Now what you don't know is they got Enrique's name off of a tombstone and they are going to identity theft the dead guy for you. This will probably blow up when a cross reference is made or something causes a record check like you trying to enter the country some day and then you are in for it. Remember you don't talk, look, act or have a story like someone from their country should. Some jerk criminal buys such a passport and then gets caught doing something no regular person would do like money laundering 25 million dollars and then they pull his papers, scrutinize them, see the fraud and the pull all the fraud papers of the corrupt official who signed the bad guys papers and then start canceling all the passports this corrupt official processed illegally for fraud, theft, corruption or just to shake you down for money for playing games with their country and of course you better believe they are going to think you are a millionaire.

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